Setbacks and Progress

Since my last update I’ve had several setbacks, which is why this took so long. Just when I started seeing progress and thought I had a handle on things my kids got sick and then I got sick. The next week we got another cold snap with a large amount of snow which made walks out of the question.

After March break I started getting things back on track and then my daughter started waking up every couple hours at night which pretty much made me a zombie for a while. Once she started sleeping better again I started feeling better again, I was getting back on track and even followed an exercise routine for three days before my kids got sick again. Then I got a pretty nasty cold, thanks kids. I just started feeling better yesterday so I’m trying to get caught uo on all my cleaning and start exercising again.

Now onto the progress. Since upping my protein I’ve noticed some difference. I no longer have the constant brain fog I used to have which has been amazing. Seriously never take being able to think straight for granted because it wrecks all kinds of havoc when you can’t.  I’ve been waking up feeling more refreshed with more of a go getter attitude. I’ve been able to go out during the day and not come home needing a nap or feeling sick. I’ve been able to do more stuff with the kids. Which is probably the biggest blessing. It was so hard wanting to do stuff with them but not being able to. We had a lot of fun together over march break playing in the snow, building a fort and going shopping. Which is stuff I normally wouldn’t feel up to doing before either mentally or physically.

I’m still having a little trouble eating enough protein during the day so I’ve started adding 1/4c cottage cheese to my eggs and have been making paleo breakfast bars to snack on. I’m sharing this recipe because it’s that good.

I’m praying no gets sick again for a while and my kids continue good sleep habits so I continue feeling this well. And honestly I haven’t felt this much like myself in probably 6 years if not longer which is very exciting. I know I still have a long way to go with everything, especially the anxiety, but my faith is stronger than ever.



According to my doctor all of my test results are normal  and she hasn’t requested I follow up with her. Well that’s not good enough for me. I may feel like a hypochondriac sometimes but I know I’m not one. Something is going on and I’m going to find out what.

I decided to look into creatinine even though my doctor isn’t concerned. Below normal levels of creatinine can be caused by stress or a diet low in protein. I have plenty of stress and looking back I realized up until a few weeks ago I had a diet very low in protein.I looked up how much pretein I should be getting a day and realized I’m probably only eat 1/3 to 1/2 of what I should be eating. I then looked up the side affects of not getting enough protein in my diet and it matched every single symptom I’ve been having. 

I’m not a doctor so I won’t be diagnosing myself but if all that’s wrong is I need more protein then that’s exciting. I’ll see my doctor again during my daughter’s check up so I’ll mention it and see what she says. I’m feeling very encouraged knowing all of stuff that has been wrong with me could be resolved to some extent just by increasing my protein. 

I’m now going to make an effort to add more protein to my daily diet. The eggs, veggies and english muffin with almond butter is actually a great start and I’m glad I already made that change. I bought some protein bars, am figuring out some higher protein snacks and planning to eat more protein for supper. Because of my research with the protein and looking up info on my husband’s macros diet I’ve also realized I’m probably not eating enough in general and not drinking enough water. There’s days where I’m so busy I’ll only eat one meal a day, have a snack and go half the day before  realizing I’ve had nothing to drink besides coffee. Also while trying to keep the grocery bill low I tended to eat only small portions of meat and veggies which apparently wasn’t such a great plan after all.

With my new found knowledge I’ll start making more changes to my diet and food habits. Right now I’m not concerned about losing weight or exercising as much as I am about my diet. Hopefully with the changes I’m making I will start feeling better and having the energy I need to turn my focus back to my weight and fitness. With the weather warming up though I’ll be able to stick to the extra walking I’ve been doing. Hopefully in a week or two I’ll be able to see some real change in my health and be able to share it.

Before I Get Started 

Hi everyone,

So I was trying to wait until all of my health issues were figured out before writing, who knows when that will be though.

Anyways, at a young age I became very interested in my health and natural living. I was able to stay in shape and eat fairly well for many years. Even after my son was born I was following the paleo diet, taking a vitamin drink and exercising.

Then things in life started happening. I was no longer able to eat paleo foods, I didn’t have as much time to exercise and I started stress eating, a lot.

That continued for a couple years and then I got pregnant again. I developed hypothyroidism with my pregnancy but it didn’t go away after my daughter was born like it did with my son. I didn’t know that until my daughter was a year old though. So during the time I had undiagnosed hypothyroidism things got even worse. After my daughter was born I could steadily feel my health going downhill. So a year after my daughter was born I started looking for answers.

As of now I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism from my family doctor and adrenal fatigue from my naturopothic doctor. I had to see my family doctor twice within a 6 month period and request blood work before getting my hypothyroidism diagnosis because she thought I was just tired from being a mom. I decided to see my naturopothic doctor because I was only feeling slightly better and still felt awful all of the time. My family doctor couldn’t really give me any answers as to why I was still feeling so fatigued all of the time, had started having painful bloating and just didn’t feel normal.

When I saw my naturopothic doctor she immediately said my symptoms sounded like I had adrenal fatigue and started up a plan for me including vitamins, supplements, how to manage my stress and some lifestyle changes to try. Within a couple of weeks I started feeling better. A couple of months later though when my son got really sick for a couple of weeks I had to put my health on the back burner again.

Along with the symptoms I mentioned earlier I’ve also started having inflammation in various areas of my body which have caused other problems such as sciatica. I’ve also started having sharp pains in my stomach that will spread up into my back or sometimes just my upper back will get the pains. I feel weak, lightheaded, irratable, have brain fog, trouble falling asleep and have been having irregular cycles.

Most recently I went to see my family doctor about my hormones and the stomach pain. I’m waiting to hear back from her about the results from my tests. I’m hoping if the results are normal my symptoms won’t just get brushed aside again. If so off to the naturopothic doctors again.

As you can imagine all of that combined makes doing daily activities and taking care of my family  that much more difficult. I know I don’t have it as bad as a lot of people but it’s enough to make my days extra challenging. Right now my biggest struggle is not enough time in a day. By the time everyone else’s needs are taken care of and the cleaning has been done I have virtually no time for myself. To make things extra fun I also deal with anxiety and panic attacks brought on by certain situations. Most days I feel like I’m drowning and that I’ll never be able to keep up with life’s demands. Just waking up can leave me feeling discouraged if I’m not feeling well that day. Discouraged because I know how difficult it will be to get everything that needs to be done accomplished. Knowing everything may not get done that needs to be will cause me to have a lot of anxiety which in return makes some of my other symptoms worse. When I have a lot of anxiety I stress eat which does nothing to help my weight or health.

So that’s how I got to where I am and some of the things I’m struggling with right now. In my future posts I’ll explain changes I’ve made, future goals and updates on my fitness and health. As things really get going I’ll share some recipes and exercises I enjoy.

I hate sharing these pictures because this isn’t who I am but this is me at my worst so it needs to be seen.

These were taken before I made any changes and when my bloating was at its worst.  As you can see in the pictures my stomach is very round. Some morning I would wake up like this and some days it would be after breakfast.

Weight 159.6

Waist 37 1/2″

Stomach 41″

Hips 38″

Bra size 38 H (fits snug)