And in that moment I knew
The only choice to make was me
For if they really want you
You won't be left questioning
You won't feel like you're just an afterthought
You'll know you're the highlight of their day
You won't be left to wonder
If they even want you to stay
You won't be afraid to show your darkness
Since they'll see the light within that's burning
You'll never feel as if you're too much
Instead you'll feel free to be yourself unreservedly
They will fight their own demons
To be able to freely get to you
And then they will go on 
To persistently fight for you too
I know I'm worth fighting for
So I'm not afraid to walk away
If my soul is not at peace
I know I don't have to stay
I can truly give you my all
But that doesn't mean anything
If I feel that all you want
Is just one small part of me

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